1st Timer’s FAQ

What should I wear to my massage?
Massage is traditionally done on a massage table covered by two sheets. The bottom sheet is underneath you, and the top sheet is draped over your body. Throughout the massage, your back, arms and legs will be exposed while the rest of your body remains covered.

Different clients prefer different levels of undress under the top sheet. Some wear underwear, thongs, bras, socks, or sweatpants. Most wear underwear or nothing, but this is not required. Whatever you are most comfortable in is the best thing to wear.

What matters most is that you stay completely comfortable. One of the top benefits of a massage is piece of mind, and that comes from dressing to your own comfort level throughout the massage.


Should I wear underwear if I need glut work?
For deeper work into their glut muscles, some clients do not wear underwear. This is fine, since the entire body is still covered by a sheet and private areas are always covered throughout the entire massage.


Will the massage hurt at all?
Massage should never hurt, unless you are requesting a very specific type of massage where the pressure is more intense. Most massage is not painful.

If you had a painful massage, then your massage therapist was not listening to you or your body. He or she was not paying attention to the subtle nuances of your body that should have told them what you needed.

Different people have different needs. Some require pain, or they don’t feel the massage worked. Many don’t want any pain at all. I work very hard to determine exactly the right pressure. I also expect the client to tell me clearly if they want lighter or deeper pressure during the massage. Through this clear communication, we create a pressure level that achieves immediate success for you.



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