Massage Gives New Health for Seniors

August 23, 2012 markberry555 Uncategorized

My client recently turned 63 years old. I’ll call him Abe. Abe came to me having only had one massage before in his entire life. He recently was on vacation, and had a massage to “relax.” During that massage, he got more than he bargained for. He was able to get a little more flexible and he felt great! He came back to Dallas looking to find more of that at home.

He called me for an appointment. When he came in, the laundry list of aches and pains was long. In particular, his back pain was a constant frustration. When he left, he declared that he had seen enormous progress, and he couldn’t wait to come back! He decided to join my Weekly VIP Program, a discount program for clients who come every week.

Last week, Abe returned from a week in Montreal. He told me, “Normally, my hips give out from all the walking. And I just can’t finish the trip. This time, I was able to walk throughout Montreal and Quebec City, and my hips never even bothered me once!”

He says the massages are definitely the source of his current health. He has told me, throughout the last several months, of numerous adventures he’s been able to have where his body was fitter and stronger than ever before. Congrats Abe!

To book a massage, txt me 214-810-4531 or check out my online calendar.

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