Allergy Relief Massage

Relief from allergies can add productivity, success and total relaxation to your spring and fall seasons. However, seeking such relief can be frustrating. My Dallas Massage is proud to introduce the new Allergy Relief Massage to help alleviate symptoms of allergies, congestion and drainage.

(Please remember that massage therapy while you have a cold is bad for your immune system. And that although it helps in allergy relief, it can make you more sick if you are fighting a cold.)

Allergies symptoms are usually dibilitating because the body is responding with cold symptoms to a pollen or spore that is not causing any problems to the body. This immune response can be frustrating when you are healthy and happy, but still unable to operate.

During this rigorous process, the most important function is drainage of your antibodies out of key areas like the nasal passages. This drainage happens along your sinus tubes into your throat. Muscle contractions like the Sternocleido-Mastoid (SCM) muscle can restrict that drainage and cause further problems. Finding relief by relaxing the SCM can help drainage and often alleviate symptoms completely.

The SCM muscle is a forked muscle with one beginning and two endings. It starts at the mastoid bone, just behind your ear. Then extends down your neck and forks into two parts. Half of the muscle goes to your sternum (in the center of your ribcage). The other half of the muscle extends down to the clavicle (just above your chest, on each side).

The sinus tubes go through that fork in your SCM muscle. If you carry tension in your shoulders or do repetitive work that affects your neck, shoulders or upper chest, the SCM can clamp down on your sinus tubes. If you have allergies, then a tight SCM can exascerbate the problem by preventing any drainage when drainage is the most important function your sinuses need during allergy season.

The solution is massage therapy of the SCM by a trained professional to relieve pressure on the sinus tubes. Additional massage of the neck and shoulders can alleviate allergy symptoms completely in some clients. Book online now.

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