Headache & Migraine Relief with Massage

Headaches can destroy your day. They can interrupt thoughts, destroy concentration and reek havoc on your life.

One of my clients went in for multiple tests with multiple doctors who indicated no solution. She had had a daily headache for six months! She came to me and lost her headache for a solid 2 weeks within 15 minutes of working with me.

The reason is because many of the important muscles in the back of the neck restrict blood flow when they are too tight. That restriction of bloodflow will cause headaches.

The massage professional stretches and massages the muscles of the neck throughout this particular treatment. As the muscles relax, blood flow to the head increases. With additional blood flow, many headaches will vanish completely. You may also be hurting from sinus problems as well. This is a different issue, but also related to the neck. Book an appointment today to learn more.

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