Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Relief

The Rotator Cuff is one of the most complicated, delicate and terrifying areas of the body. This simple piece of our machinery can be a terrible frustration for thousands of people every day.

I have had a rare opportunity to masterfully take care of multiple clients with shoulder and rotator cuff issues. I use a multitude of techniques to determine knots left deep in the shoulder from past injuries. These knots and scar tissue will simply remain in the shoulder indefinitely or until they are massaged out.

Radical massage techniques can have a permanent and lasting impact on your shoulder pain. The key is to work with a professional that has accomplished this time and time again.

Trigger point techniques are used. They can be uncomfortable at times. However I work with heat and with patience, which helps the tissues adjust to the treatment, while still having a tremendous impact. Some of the most rewarding treatments I have ever done involved working with shoulder pain, and I take great pride in my success.

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