Hot Stone

Hot Stone massage is a style of Swedish massage that uses heated smooth stones to provide extra heat and pressure during your session.

The stones are diverse in size and shape, but are all smooth. The stones are sanitized before every massage. During your session, the stones are covered in lotion and run smoothly up and down your muscles in a series of Swedish massage strokes, providing complete relaxation.

The additional heat emitting from the stones is especially useful inĀ  relaxing tense muscles. The heat itself is the true key to a successful hot stone massage. Heat applied to muscles sends more blood into the treated areas. The increased blood flow stretches the muscle in the same sense as filling a balloon with water. The muscles lets go of the knots and relaxes completely from the heat in the stones.

If the stones feel excessively hot, tell your therapist immediately. To book a hot stone massage, please book a day in advance, so that we may make sure the stones are properly heated and ready for your session.

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